Which Mass do you attend?

Saturday 5pm
18% (2 votes)
Saturday 7pm
0% (0 votes)
Sunday 6:30am
0% (0 votes)
Sunday 8:30am
9% (1 vote)
Sunday 10:30am
27% (3 votes)
Sunday 12:30pm
36% (4 votes)
Sunday 7pm
9% (1 vote)
Total votes: 11

User Registration

Parish Members,

We were having some technical difficulty registering user accounts on the site in the past few weeks and have now officially opened the registration.
If you previously registered an account prior to Wednesday June 26th 2013 please register again.
Registration is completely free and will allow you to post comments and in our forums.
Thank you for your patience.

Kermes Festival

Kermes Festival will be on going from June 28th - June 30th.
All proceeds will benefit our Parish. If you are interested in helping donating your time, please call the rectory. Another great way to help is by donating Bottles of Water or a case of soda. You can bring your donation to the rectory. Also, we need prizes for the lottery. If you have any items that we can use as a prize for the lottery. If you have any items that we can use as a prize bring to the rectory. Thank You.

Parish Mission

The purpose of the parish of St. Nicholas of Tolentine is to teach the Good News, and to live that good News in a community based on Gospel Values, as we work towards the establishment of God's kingdom among all people."

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